Itinerary: 4 Days San Cristobal & Southern Islands

Day 1: San Cristobal Island: Kicker Rock
This impressive rock formation can be found just a few hours from San Cristobal's western shore. The rocks rise vertically hundreds of feet from the ocean, separated by a small channel. There are no landing areas but kayaking and diving can be used to spot marine life.
Day 2: Española island: Punta Suarez & Gardner bay
This is a great spot to spot blue-footed and albatross boobies. The large waved albatrosses, which use the cliff for launching pads, are a beautiful sight on the oceanfront. The blowhole is the most famous attraction. It spouts water high up into the air. There are many great photo opportunities at this location.
Day 3: Floreana island: Punta Cormorant & Champion Islet
We will be making one of the most remote and interesting visits this day. We will be in Wolf, which is a sanctuary for its diverse and abundant marine wildlife. Theodor Wolf, a German geologist, visited the island and gave it its name. You can see frigate birds and booby birds on this island.
Day 4: Santa Cruz island: Fausto Llerena Breeding Center

Darwin Island is rich in pelagic species and is one of the most spectacular areas for diving. It is also one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. It is close to Wolf.

The impressive Darwin Arch stone arch formation is one of the main attractions. Many endemic birds call this home. Sea lions could be seen, as well as humpback and whale sharks.


  • Enjoy the unique views, sunrises and sunsets from your stateroom’s private balcony.
  • Take a dive and snorkel in one of the most amazing sites in the Islands, Kicker Rock.
  • Find yourself among large colonies of sea-birds in Suarez Point, including impressive Great Waved Albatrosses.
  • Send a post-card to your loved ones from Floreana Island at Post-Office Bay.
  • Fantastic and colorful Flamingos and other shore-birds at Cormorant Point.
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