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Archipel IIArchipel II
Archipel II is a twin-haul vessel that offers a comfortable and relaxing experience. Modern interiors with panoramic windows allow you to see the islands from any angle. The interiors are spacious and the cabins well-furnished. The Archipel 2 offers guests a smooth and stable ocean cruise around the islands as part of their onboard experience. Archipel 2 is almost identical to the sister Catamaran the Archipel 1. It has eight cabins on the main deck for up to 16 people. Twins and doubles are both available.

Galapagos Archipel II Catamaran Cruise Programs

There are many and diverse itineraries. The Archipel II, one of only a few ships in the Galapagos Islands that offers a 5-day Galapagos Cruise Program to Fernandina. The combination of carefully planned itineraries allow guests to explore the Archipelago's most remote, pristine and unspoiled areas. The Archipel 2 Galapagos Catamaran is the perfect choice for those looking to experience the most amazing adventure.
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