Itinerary B

Day 1: Baltra Island & Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach

Fly from Ecuador (Quito, Guayaquil or Quito) to Baltra with AVIANCA Airlines. Expected arrival time at 09:20 a.m. Our crew will look after your luggage. Your guide will meet and greet you at the arrivals gate. After a 5-kilometer walk to the pier, your guide will take you to a bus. We offer light snacks and greet you as the crew weighs anchor.

Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach

After navigation, we embark on Playa Las Bachas where you can enjoy a Flamingo lagoon. Your guide will explain details about the lives and habits of all the animals during each walk. Optional: For those who wish to swim or snorkel, there will be an orientation in the evening about the Galapagos Islands and their evolution. The crew will have a welcome cocktail and then dinner.

Day 2: Genovesa Island: Darwin Bay & El Barranco

Darwin Bay

After breakfast, you will make a landing at Darwin Bay where you can walk around and see the marine iguanas as well as frigate birds, mockingbirds and herons. Optional: Time for those who wish to swim, snorkel, or kayak. Enjoy a delicious lunch aboard.

El Barranco

Later, you will take a panga ride. You dry land on Prince Phillips's Steps. Here you can walk and observe the fascinating lives of the birds. You will then be served dinner on the yacht and given information about conservation efforts to preserve the Islands.

Day 3: South Plaza Island & Santa Fe Island

South Plaza Island

After your breakfast, you will make a dry landing at the South Plaza pier, where you can watch the antics and play of the sea lions. We can observe many species of tropical birds and land iguanas as we walk through the cactus forests. For lunch, return to the Yacht.

Santa Fe Island

You will then make a dry landing on Santa Fe Island, where you can visit the cactus forests and the colony of Santa Fe's land iguanas. Optional: Time for those who wish to swim, snorkel, and/or kayak. After lunch, we return to our Yacht for dinner and our evening orientation.

Day 4: Santa Cruz Island: Highlands & Interpretation Center Fausto Llerena


After breakfast, you'll board the bus for Santa Cruz Island to visit the Twin Craters native forests. Then, you'll travel to one of the ranches where you can see giant tortoises among the wildlife. The ranch's lunch will delight you.

Interpretation Center Fausto Llerena

After lunch, you'll return to Puerto Ayora for the visit to Fausto Llerena Interpretation Center. After lunch, you will return to the Yacht to enjoy dinner and our evening orientation.

Day 5: Floreana Island: Baroness Lookout, Asilo de la Paz, Post Office Bay, Cormorant Point & Champion Islet

Post Office Bay

After breakfast, you will make a landing at Post Office Bay. This historic location recalls the days when whalers used a wooden barrel to serve as a postal office.

Baroness Point

You will then continue on to the Baroness Point View, named after a character who lived in Floreana Island. It is the Baroness Eloisa Von Wagner. Here you can enjoy the stunning landscape and the ruins her home.

Cormorant Point

For lunch, return to the Yacht. After lunch, you will visit the Devil's Crown, which is a submerged volcano that allows for snorkeling. You then make a wet landing at Point Cormorant and walk to Flamingo Lagoon on this island. Continue walking until you reach "La Picona", where you can see the spawning grounds of marine turtles. Optional: Time for people who wish to swim or snorkel. After dinner, you return to the Yacht to receive our nightly orientation.

Day 6: Española Island: Suarez Point, Gardner Islet, Osborn Islet & Gardner Bay

Suares Point

After breakfast, you'll make an early dry landing at Punta Suarez. Here you can walk along lava rocks and see unique colonies of marine birds. You will return to the Yacht for lunch. You will make a wet landing at the Yacht in the afternoon.

Gardner Bay

Take a stroll along Gardner Bay's beach to observe sea lions. This is an important area for nesting sea turtles.

Osborn Islet & Gardner Islet

We then take a panga tour around Osborn Islet, Gardner and its islets. Optional: Time for people who wish to swim or snorkel. For dinner and our nightly orientation, return to the Yacht.

Day 7: Isabela Island: Moreno Point & San Cristóbal Island: Kicker Rock, Cerro Brujo & Interpretation Center Jacinto Gordillo

Kicker Rock, San Cristobal Island

After breakfast, your Captain will sail easily around Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido), an enormous tuff-rock which rises abruptly nearly 500 feet from the ocean. Many seabirds nest at Kicker Rock.

Cerro Brujo

You will then make a landing on Cerro Brujo and walk along a white sand shore, observing sea lions and brown pelicans as well as marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies.

Interpretation Center Jacinto Gordillo

After a short drive, you will arrive at Jacinto Gordillo Interpretation Centre where you can learn more about the species' reproductive process and how to preserve it. The bus takes you back to the port, where you will visit the Interpretation Center of Human History of the Islands. This tour takes in the island's geological and human history and conservation. After dinner, you return to the Yacht and receive our nightly orientation.

Day 8: Santa Cruz Island: Black Turtle Cove & Baltra Island

After breakfast, take a panga tour on Black Turtle Cove. This is a series of coves and islands that are surrounded by mangroves. Here you can see white-tipped sharks and marine turtles. At 09:00, you return to the Yacht and disembark on the pier. You will be accompanied by your guide on the bus ride to the airport.

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