Ocean Spray

The Galapagos Ocean Spray Catamaran is one of the most spacious and comfortable luxury catamarans offering Galapagos island cruises. She is returning from an extensive dry dock and redesign in January 2021. 

The beautiful Galapagos cruise has a vibrant and rich array of cruising itineraries, all designed with permission from the Galapagos Park authority and direct insights from the Charles Darwin station to delight its VIP customers.

Each day on an ocean spray galapagos cruise is planned with a balance of hiking on wildlife trails allowing our guests to spot the giant tortoise, nesting nazca boobies, the orange land iguana alongside the predatorial Galapagos hawk and pirate frigate birds. The impressive marine life can be explored on a well planned dinghy ride, snorkeling outings, sea kayaking (certain visitor sites only) with possibilities to swim with tropical fish, sea turtles, sea lions, the ocassional reef shark and underwater feeding iguanas.

Being a catamaran the Ocean Spray has large dining areas, a plunge bath, a huge sundeck, and everything a visitor may need on a wildlife vacation. Meal times are a delight with local delicacies and grandma recipes from Ecuador, the fresh island seafood and international classics. The chef can cater to special dietary needs and ensure everyone has their palate taken care of.

How many passengers does the Galapagos Ocean Spray cruise accommodate?

The Galapagos Ocean Spray Cruise Ship can accommodate up to 16 passengers. The vessel was conceived to offer guests a luxury experience, featuring comfort and stability and offering plenty of space per guest onboard with high-end facilities and amenities.

What are the accommodation amenities available in the Ocean Spray Cabins?

The Ocean Spray Yacht has sweeping ocean views from all suites, which are convertible (a king-size bed vs. two twin-size beds) and have luxurious private balconies where our guests can unwind and enjoy the islands while navigating. All of our staterooms will feature premium biodegradable amenities, deluxe bed linens, and natural lighting.

What on board facilities and amenities can Ocean Spray guests enjoy?

It has a bright, welcoming briefing area for enriching lectures and talks given by dedicated, top-ranked Naturalist Guides.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served al-fresco in the upper deck lounge or in the indoor dining room. On the sky deck, guests can enjoy the sky deck, which has a whirlpool and comfortable daybeds. It is also ideal for spotting wildlife such as marine iguana, sea lions, galapagos hawk, sea turtles, nazca boobies and much more from on board the Ocean Spray. Kayaks and paddleboards are also available for use

The passenger briefing lounge and social areas are very spacious, and there is also a library available for reading about both the Galapagos and Ecuador in general. All excursions are guided by top-ranked naturalist guides, offering unique moments with the endemic Galapagos wildlife while out on excursions.

Which activities and excursions can guests expect?

Two daily excursions will be part of your activities. Each guided excursion features walks, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, dinghy rides, wildlife observation, and many more surprises.

What kind of itineraries does the cruise ship operate on?

It has one of the most versatile offers with options to reach the different corners of the archipelago on navigational loops that last 3, 4, 5 and 7 nights visiting the northern, southern and western islands. Galapagos cruising programs start and end at both Santa Cruz Island and San Cristobal Island allowing guests to arrive at either Baltra Island airport or Puerto Baquerizo Moreno airports. 

Each itinerary features its own highlights, visiting the different majestic islands of the archipelago: Isabela Island, North Seymour Island, Santa Fe Island, South Plaza Island, Floreana Island, Genovesa Island, Santiago Island, Lobos Island, Fernandina Island, Española Island, Bartholomew Island... Some of the beautiful visitor sites you may encounter are: the black turtle cove, Post Office bay, Pitt Point, Buccaneer Cove, Pinnacle Rock, Gardner Bay, Darwin Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Witch Hill, Espumilla beach and many more. You can take a look at the details of each different itinerary here

On which days does the Ocean Spray Cruise Ship Galapagos embark and disembark?

Embarking and disembarking is possible on three different days. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

What makes an experience aboard the Ocean Spray so special and different from other vessels?

A key element to a brilliantly orchestrated wildlife vacation is the bilingual Galapagos National Park guide, who will give you company during each tour, stopping at each point of interest to explain the intrincacies of the blue footed boobies mating dance or the interesting feeding habits of marine iguanas. The guide makes sure no detail is overlooked, ensuring you a great vacation experience and takes care that all park rules are respected during your luxury Galapagos cruise.

What gives an edge to the Ocean Spray is the attention to detail in linens, toiletries and other amenities. No lack of comfort here. Visiting remote and pristine areas away from civilization on activity packed days should be rewarded with a proper place to rest and replenish for another day full of adventure. Lavish and stylish, the cruise is articulately crafted with a fine eye for detail. It has spacious and esthetically furnished cabins, with a private balcony each. Guests can soak in the sunsets from the comfort of their cabin.