The Alya is a luxury-class mega catamaran built specifically to offer tours of the Galápagos Islands. She was designed and artisanally built in the shipyards of Guayaquil. The owner named Alexis Gordillo, and his family were part of the entire construction and decoration process. In 2021, this is one of the boats offering regular sailings, despite the pandemic, the Alya remains a popular choice among travelers looking to escape the city for the enchanted islands.

Alya Galapagos Catamaran Cruise programs

The Alya catamaran Galapagos Yacht offer travelers a choice of four, five and eight-day itineraries visiting the main islands and their visitor sites in the Galapagos archipelago. For passionate nature travelers, it is possible to combine itineraries and enjoy 12, 13 and even 15-day loops without repeating sites. Each itinerary is well balanced and offers both nature walks and snorkeling opportunities on a daily basis. Sea kayaking, zodiac tours and nature lectures are other activities that complement the daily agenda.

Each program is carefully designed, passing by different islands like Santa Cruz Island, Isabela Island, San Cristobal Island, Santiago Island, Bartholomew Island, Floreana Island, Lobos Island, South Plaza Island, North Seymour Island and more. The itineraries are full of interesting, exciting excursions to the most important visitor sites, for example: black turtle cove, Elizabeth Bay, Darwin Bay, Moreno Point, Charles Darwin Station, San Cristobal Interpretation Center, just to mention some!

Alya Catamaran infrastructure

Very spacious for a 16-passenger boat, after a full day of excursions, guests have the choice to relax in the library with a movie from the DVD collection, or on the sun deck while enjoying a drink from one of the catamaran's two bars. If you sit on the bow during navigation, you have the chance to see dolphins swimming in front of the boat. This is very common on the western island programs. The gastronomy on board reflects the diverse Ecuadorian cuisine with interactive experiences such as the annual lobster festival held from July to November when these crustaceans are in season. The onboard chef ensures that all dietary needs are met with options for vegetarian, vegan and other preferences.

At nightfall, guests can retreat to rest in one of the nine pleasant cabins, eight of which have private balconies - the perfect place to enjoy sunrises and sunsets in understated luxury, privacy and feeling the ocean breeze. All are equipped with private bathrooms, cold/hot water, air conditioning, a safe and other amenities. Alya is elegantly and tastefully decorated all over the place.

Alya Catamaran services

The Alya's eight crew members and bilingual certified naturalist guide assure guests of a safe and informative journey through the Galápagos Islands. A good guide turns a good trip into a great once-in-a-lifetime voyage. The Alya also distinguishes itself in this area, offering a unique training program to ensure that its guides not only provide information, but also engage in meaningful conversation with all guests, leaving them with a desire to protect our planet and its natural wonders. This is part of the company's mission of sustainable tourism and awareness programs.

Alya Catamaran facilities

Living room
The living room is located on the Main Deck. It features the following characteristics:

  • Artist style decoration
  • Cozy area
  • Coffee Station & Bar
  • Panoramic Windows
  • Entertainment center
The room boasts an artistic decoration in molten glass inspired by the natural harmony and colors of air, sea and earth. In the living room, guests have access to thematic books, board games, soap and a multimedia library.

Mydas App
Guests can make use of the exclusive Mydas App. The app features some very interesting functions such as movies and documentaries, travel recommendations, the Galapagos National Park rules, a day-by-day itinerary and many more.

The Alya Galapagos Island Catamaran provides a sundeck, featuring comfortable cushions, an observation area, cocktail tables and its highlight: the relaxing jacuzzi. The sundeck makes it possible to admire the nature of the Enchanted Islands every second of your journey. It is also the perfect place for guests to enjoy soft and alcoholic drinks from the bar. 
Here you will also find the Al Fresco Area, this is the outdoor dining place.

Dining Room
On the main deck you will find a comfortable dining area. The dining area has 2 tables for 9 people each, where guests, the Captain and the guide can savor the specialties prepared by our expert chef.

Facilities available in the dining room are:
  • Vegan and vegetarian food options
  • Breakfast and lunch buffet style
  • Dinner in a dish with 2 menu options
  • 2 Coffee and water stations
  • 1 cappuccino station
  • Exclusive molten glass decoration
If desired, you can have a choice from the excellent selected wine list.

The bar is also located on the main deck. It is the ideal space to enjoy the best local and international drinks. The space measures approximately 30 m2 and is furnished with elegant tableware and panoramic windows.

Alya Catamaran Cabins 

This comfortable Luxury Class Cruise offers 9 comfortable cabins with a unique and exclusive design, all with a private balcony, 4 cabins on the upper deck and 5 on the main deck. 

All cabins boast panoramic ocean views and exclusive decorations. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, providing the finest ecofriendly amenities, such as eco-friendly shampoo and rinse, soap, a hair dryer and a towel hanger. All cabins are luxurious equipped with spacious closets, feather pillows, cotton sheets, coldhot water, air conditioning, internal phone, a safe and loudspeaker. They also feature a private balcony, except from the Matrimonial Cabin.

King Size Cabin
The King Sizes cabins are situated on the upper and main deck. This type of cabin is equipped with a convertible bed and all amenities mentioned above.

Twin Cabin
Twin cabins are located on the upper and main deck. This type of cabin is furnished with convertible beds and all amenities mentioned above.

Matrimonial Cabin
The Alya Galapagos Catamaran offers one Matrimonial Cabin on the Main Deck. This cabin is equipped with a matrimonial bed and all amenities mentioned above. Due to the location of this cabin on the main deck front, there is no private balcony available.


Onboard this unique ship you can experience activities adapted to all types of travelers. 

Galapagos Marine Reserve is an amazing location for snorkeling. The Galapagos belong to the 10 best places to snorkel in the world! This particular activity can always be practiced in the company of our naturalist guides. 

Some of the best places to snorkel involve:
  • Fernandina Island - Punta Espinoza
  • Isabela Island - Tagus Cove
  • Tower Island - Prince Phillip's Steps
  • Floreana Island - Devil's Crown
  • Bartolome Island - Pinnacle Rock
If you are looking for both adventure and sustainable tourism activities, kayaking is the sport that meets best the desires of the adventurous, responsible traveler. In the Galápagos Islands, you can practice this sport at any time of the year because the climate remains pleasant, dry and warm. 

Panga Ride
The Dinghy Rides are also known as Panga Rides. They are rides on an inflated zodiac that takes you through the waters. Meanwhile, you can get a close look at the marine life around the islands. It is a common activity in the Galápagos Archipelago, because it is also the only way to board and disembark the cruise ships to reach the visitor sites. 

Species Observation
While natural selection occurs all over the world, nowhere is it more evident to observe than in the Galápagos Islands. You'll find some of the most amazing wildlife species such as:
  • Galapagos land iguana
  • Sea lions
  • Marine iguana
  • Galapagos giant tortoise
  • Darwin's finches
  • Frigate birds
  • Blue-footed booby, Flightless cormorants and more...
Hiking in the archipelago is one of the most common activities to perform when you are off the ship with your fellow travelers. On the inhabited islands, there are plenty of hiking opportunities that you can do at your own pace. 

This is one of the new activities practised in the waters around the archipelago. It is a very pleasant sport, highly recommended to try when visiting the Galápagos, because of the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Feel free to try this activity when aboard the Alya Galapagos Cruise!