Cormorant II

The eco-friendly Cormorant II mega-catamaran was scheduled to start cruising the enchanted Islands in June 2020, due to the pandemic situation, the first departures will be in December. It promises to be one of the most spectacular Luxury-class cruises with special features like 180° view lounge, quiet engines, on-board satellite service for guests, spacious suites with private balcony and floor to roof windows.

It also will offer carefully crafted itineraries with well-prepared naturalist guides and a very friendly crew. The yacht’s operators, the Villacis family, have over 15 years of experience offering the best cruise experiences which guarantees quality service for a memorable trip for its guests. By booking a Galapagos cruise on board the Cormorant II you will be supporting a local operation that is run by residents of the islands, a small entrepeneuer company with a direct positive effect on the economy of Galapagueño residents.