Archipel II

The Archipel II Galapagos Catamaran is a cozy twin haul vessel. She has modern interiors and panoramic windows to enjoy island views from all areas. Spacious indoor areas and amply furnished cabins. As part of the onboard experience, the Archipel 2 provides guests with a seamless stable ocean cruising passage around the islands . Nearly identical to its sister Catamaran the Archipel 1, the Archipel 2 features eight cabins for 16 passengers on the main deck, twins and double beds are available, it appeals to a broad range of travelers.

Galapagos Archipel II Catamaran Cruise Programs

Itineraries are extensive and varied, The Archipel II is one of the few vessels in the islands that feature a five-day Galapagos cruise program to Fernandina. A combination of well planed itineraries allows guests to visit the most remote and pristine visit points in the Archipelago. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime, look no further than the Archipel 2 Galapagos Catamaran!