A total of 140 species of birds have been registered in Galapagos: 58 residential, 76 migratory, and 6 introduced. Close to 50% of the resident birds are endemic to the Galapagos. Some of these species are currently threatened due to factors associated with human presence.

Galapagos birdlife can be classified in 3 main categories:

Coastal Birds

Paint billed crakes
Yellow-crowned night heron
Blue-winged teal duck
Common stilt
Great Blue Heron
Ruddy turnstones
Lava Heron
Great egret
White-cheeked pintail duck
Striated heron
Wandering tattlers
Common Gallinules
Semi-palmated plover
Galapagos Rails
Cattle egrets

Land Birds

The Short-eared owl
Large cactus finch
Floreana mockingbird
Ground Finches
Medium tree finch
Woodpecker finch
Galapagos barn owl
Mangrove finch
Vegetarian finch
Darwin´s Finches
Small ground finch
Smooth-Billed Anis
San Cristobal mockingbird
Warbler finch
Small tree finch
Sharp-beaked finch
Dark-billed cuckoo
Large tree finch
Small cactus finch
Galapagos martin
Yellow warbler
Española mockingbird
Large ground finch
Medium ground finch
Galapagos Mockingbirds
Galapagos dove
Galapagos hawk

Sea birds

Waved Albatross
Red-billed tropic-bird
Masked or Nazca Boobies
Brown pelicans
Red-footed boobies
Flightless cormorant
Galapagos Penguins
Hawaiian (Dark-Rumped) Petrels
Storm Petrels
Brown Noddies
Swallow Tailed-Gull
Lava gulls
Audubon’s Shearwaters
Blue-footed boobies