Fernandina is the third largest island, older and younger than the Galapagos Islands. Many eruptions have been recorded since 1813, while visiting this island you are likely to see an eruption.

Espinoza Point

In front of the Galapagos Islands - Puerto Espinoza Tagus Cave, there is a visitor site where some of the unique Galapagos species can be seen. Marine iguanas conglomerate in larger groups than on any other island. They warm up in the sand, swim near the shore and sometimes block the passage in the landing. Among the unique species found here, is the cormorant without flight. A bird that due to lack of predators had to adjust its way of survival and improve its abilities to find food in the ocean. Its wings, tails and feet progressively adapted to swim. To see these birds, is to see evolution pass directly in front of you.