A small barren island that is located across from Sullivan Bay off James Island, Bartolome has two main visitors’ sites.  The first site offers the possibility to climb to the summit of the island, from where visitors can observe a variety of volcanic formations including lava b ombs spatter and cinder cones, lava flows and lava tubes.  The moon like landscape provides one

of the most scenic panoramas in the archipelago.  At the second site, visitors have the chance to relax on a beautiful beach, which offers great snorkelling oppo rtunities.  Multi –coloured fish and occasionally penguins and sea turtl es have been seen at the base of the tall pinnacle rock, which dominates Bartolome’s landsca pe.  A short walk across to Bartolome´s second beach and swimming is strictly prohibited.  Here visitors can see White -tipped Reef Sharks at a saf e distance swimming along the shor eline.