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Galapagos Travel

Galapagos travel is about expedition cruises to remote Islands in search of close wildlife encounters only possible in the Galapagos Islands. 
We invite you to explore our website and learn more about Galapagos Travel and cruising the Galapagos Islands on board our catamaran, the Galapagos Seaman Journey.
The purpose of this site is to inform you on every aspect of Galapagos travel & expedition cruises in the archipelago, which is by far the best travel option for those who decide to visit the Galapagos Islands.   By taking an expedition cruise you get to visit several islands and visitor sites in the least time possible.
Natural history travel to the Galapagos Islands allows for: close wildlife encounters, great bird watching opportunities, snorkeling & diving with large marine creatures, beautiful beaches, landscapes with lava fields and spatter cones, sunsets, night time stargazing under the equatorial sky, carefree Galapagos cruising and much more.... as you follow Charles Darwin´s footsteps into this magical realm of evolution and change.

Explore our website and read about the enriching experience and easy logistics involved in a Galapagos travel program, we are confident that you will be calling your travel agent to book the adventure of a lifetime.

We hope you consider our Galapagos catamarans the best option for your voyage. We help travelers make the most of their time on the Galapagos Islands whilst respecting the environment of this fragile ecosystem.

Advantages of Catamarans

There are several advantages of cruising on board a Galapagos catamaran, to mention just a few of the benefits:

  • Smoother Ride: Almost any Multihull will offer you a smoother ride in rough water due to the dual hull design and the construction's parachute effect as the boat crosscuts the waves. Air trapped between the hulls cushions the impact of re-entry.
  • Stability: Load levels on a Galapagos catamaran can be up to 20% greater than a similar sized monohull. Catamarans are more stable. The footprint is wider, helping to negate the effects of rolling seas.
  • More deck space: A Galapagos catamaran is wider than a monohaul yacht offering additional deck space and sun bathing areas.
  • Environment friendly: All Galapagos catamarans have less hull resistance in the water, resulting in greater fuel efficiency.
  • Access to remote areas of the Galapagos Islands: The catamaran's shallow draft design allows access to waterways that most conventional hulls cannot navigate.
Seaman Journey | Galapagos Cruise

Galapagos experience

We welcome you to Galapagos, the paradise where you can experience and explore the wonders and beauties of the world's most unique destination. The Galapagos Islands offers travelers a diverse variety of animals, and landscapes, such as the blue-footed boobie, white sanded beaches home to huge colonies of sea lions, see one of the world’s largest  albatross colonies, pay a visit to one of the many blow holes scattered throughout the islands, and much, much more. Galapagos has something to offer every traveling enthusiast no matter what the time of year is. The Galapagos Journey will take you and your loved ones to each destination to experience the wildlife in their natural habitat. We invite you to visit the Galapagos Island, it will be a memorable experience that you will never forget.