Ocean Spray Catamaran

One of the most enticing Galapagos Island cruises available today, the Ocean Spray boasts. This wonderful ship has a vivid and rich itinerary to delight its customers. Lavish and stylish, the cruise is articulately designed with a fine eye for detail. It has spacious and esthetically designed cabins, with a private balcony each.

The catamaran has large dining areas, a jacuzzi, a huge sundeck, and everything that you may need on your vacation. There is also a provision of a bilingual Galapagos National Park guide, who will give you company during each tour. The guide makes sure no detail is overlooked, ensuring you a great holiday experience.

What gives an edge to this amazing Ocean Spray cruise over others is the variety of services it offers.

Luxury Class Motor Yacht

From $4,375.00
Meeting room ocean spray
Bar ocean spray
Bedroom ocean spray
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